Your Health, Our Priority

Your Health, 
Our Priority

MAGNETOM Lumina, RadLink's new 3T Open Bore MRI system that delivers productivity and greater patient experience.

Confidence to deliver care in clinical key areas

Consistent, Reproducible and
Standardized Diagnostic Results

MAGNETOM Lumina uses advance technology that enables routine scans to be completed faster than other systems. MAGNETOM Lumina’s eight unique Dot Engines tailored to different body regions provide highly automated scan procedures for more than 90% of all MRI exams. Powered by artificial intelligence, it delivers automatic placement of imaging slices to ensure reproducible scan results.

Clear, Dependable scans

The innovative BioMatrix Tuners ensure accurate examination outcomes by adjusting to complex anatomical structures, such as the head and the neck region. The advanced coil technology ensures dependable and consistent high-quality imaging for all patients. BioMatrix Tuners also provide excellent homogeneity and fat saturation, this results in a robust and reproducible imaging process, ensuring consistent results for every patient, every time.

Confidence to deliver
patient satisfaction

Redefine the MRI experience

With the implementation of 3 Tesla Magnet 70cm Open Bore system, it revolutionizes the way patient are cared for. It minimizes feelings of claustrophobia, and replaces the anxiety with a sense of confidence and comfort, thanks to its noise reduction capabilities.

sound quality
noise reduction

Uphold patient’s comfort

Based on the proven 4G technology, MAGNETOM Lumina offers a broad range of ultra-light and high-density coils that are designed to provide comfortable and supportive experience. With the cutting-edge coils, we are now able to provide greater flexibility to accomodate larger patients. Patients can feel confident that they are getting the highest level of care and comfort during scan.


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